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Meet the Organisers

Oh Yes! We're back again!!!

Pabs - Event Manager

Paula has over 10 years experience in hosting Bournemouth Hockey Clubs Easter Festival, and through her passion for both her sport and her club has transformed the delivery of the festival into an exciting annual event. The Shandy drinking of 2011 is long gone; the babysitting duties of 2012 are a distant memory - Pabs is back for 2013 and ready for all the fat frogs that come her way!

Bournemouth Easter Festival not only offers a fantastic round up to the season socially, but continues to attract a number of National League clubs and players raising the standard of hockey on show.


Lenny and Andy - Event Co-ordinators

Or “Landy” as they are affectionately called as you will never see one without the other.

Lenny will be available for Autograph signing on Saturday from 12pm following her recent selection for the England Vets squad - after just sneaking into trials following her 35th birthday Lenny will be a nationally recognised flip-flop model in years to come. Who needs shin pads anyway?!

Andy successfully convinced Lenny not to book another holiday away to the sunny beaches of Mallorca; his successful initiation with the Old Edghillians in 2011 means Andy is raring to go again! Manning the DJ decks of the PA Caravan, listen out for some motivational tunes and put in your requests early on - Andy's your man!

Hannah B - Event Co-ordinator

After guzzling 3 funnels and agreeing to manage the 2013 festival Hannah buggered off to London, and immediately handed the reigns back to Pabs. Bloody cheek!

But with her heart always in Bournemouth, Han will be rocking the Friday fancy dress party. Anything for a free pint of purple.

Scouting for girls with nipple funnels will be top of the agenda as per last year! Bring it on!

Pip - Event Co-ordinator

The Campervan Queen!

Ladies club captain and PA to Pabs, Pip has attended as many festivals as we can remember. A popular voice over the PA system and the Airhorn's number one fan, Pip always gaurantees to put the 'P' in Piste. 

With years of managerial experience to the Ladies 1st XI, Pip will be looking to secure some more success with The Janets as they return for another year of banter and bellowing beats! Carly Rae Jepson eat your heart out!  

George - Event Co-ordinator

True Easter Festival Legend. Helps the girls with all the rubbish jobs and leads by example? Who is in charge of Security did you say??

George continues to offer the festival committee a wealth of experience, as his passion for both hockey and Bournemouth provide an exciting combination in the organisation and delivery of Bournemouth's Easter Festival.

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